ECP Karachi Local Body Election 2015 Results Announced

In Karachi: The Election Commission has given the s magistrates powers to the presiding officers, soldiers and ranger in municipal elections.(ECP) has granted the Rangers powers to enter a polling station.ECP LB Polls in Karachi Election Result in 2015 Live Update  Notably the third and the final phase of local body elections is going to be held on 5th December 2015 in Sindh and Punjab.

Tight security arrangements have been made thorughout the province to avoid any mishap during the Chelum and the Local Body elections. Rangers and police have already been put on high alert in order to ensure security on Chehlum and Local Body polls in Karachi.Pillions riding ban on motorcycles for two days ban from Wednesday to Thursday on account of chehlum.

Click Here For ECP LB Phase 3 Result 

ECP LB Polls in Karachi Election Result in 2015 

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