Election Tribunal Rejects PTI’s Rigging Claim In NA-118

NA-118An election tribunal dismissed a petition filed by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) Hamid Zaman, which had alleged rigging during the 2013 general elections in Lahore’s NA-118 constituency, upholding Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) MNA Riaz Malik’s victory.

Hamid Zaman had urged the tribunal to disqualify MNA Riaz Malik on grounds of rigging. The tribunal’s decision, which had been reserved yesterday, was announced Wednesday.

Riaz Malik of the PML-N had been victorious from NA-118 with 104,000 votes, while Hamid Zaman was the runner-up with 40,000 votes.

The tribunal’s decision was handed out by retired Justice Rasheed Qamar. Previously, retired Justice Kazim Malik, who had deseated PML-N’s Ayaz Sadiq from Lahore’s NA-122 constituency, was adjudicating the petition. But after Malik’s retirement, the case was heard by Rasheed Qamar.

The tribunal said the petitioner was unable to present concrete evidence to support his claims.

Talking to reporters after the decision was announced, MNA Riaz Malik said he had been victorious by a margin of almost 60,000 votes, a result upheld by the election tribunal.

Meanwhile PTI’s Hamid Zaman said he had reservations over the new judge appointed to adjudicate the petition, adding that he will challenge the tribunal’s decision.

Nadra’s report had said it was provided the record of 68 polling stations by the Election Commission. It said only 15,835 out of total 46,118 polled votes at these polling stations were found correct in terms of thumb impressions of the voters. Nadra found counterfoils of 4,043 votes with invalid CNIC numbers and 142 votes were cast by unregistered voters. It said thumb impressions of voters were not found on 272 counterfoils.


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