Lahore Election (NA 122) 11 October 2015 ECP Official Result Online

Result OnlineLAHORE: Vote count in Lahore’s NA-122 and PP-147 constituencies, and Okara’s NA-144 seat went under way. Polling ended at NA 122 final and complete result that PTI candidate abdul aleem khan won the election by 9000 vote lead watch the complete detail

that how PTI won the elections and the final result for NA 122 and completedetails that Ayaz sadiq lost the election which PMLN thinks that they can won easily and in the end PTI have won the election after a close contest.

Position Candidate Name Total Votes
1 Sardar Ayaz Sadiq of (PML N) 0
2 Abdul Aleem Khan of (PTI) 0
3 Barrister Mian Amir Hussain of (PPP) 0
4 Doctor Nawab Ambar Shahzada of (PSP) 0
5 Reema Ayaz of (Indep) 0
6 Jamsheed Iqbal Cheema of (Indep) 0
7 Chaudhry Akhtar Rasool of (Indep) 0
8 Muhammad Shoab Sadiqui of (Indep) 0
9 Haji Imdad Hussain of (Indep) 0
10 Muhammad Awais Ijaz Chaudhry of (Indep) 0
11 Raja Safdar Zaman Hazarvi of (Indep) 0
12 Hakeem Sheikh Moeenuddin Qureshi of (Indep) 0
13 Shagufta Malik of (Indep) 0
14 Chaudhry Riaz Akhtar of (Indep) 0
15 Malik Mansaf Awan of (Indep) 0
16 Mian Muhammad Yamin Tipu of (Indep) 0
17 Muhammad Naveed Nawaz of (Indep) 0
18 Muhammad Sarfraz Qureshi of (Indep) 0
19 Hafiz Muhammad Talha of (Indep) 0
20 Khuram Qureshi, of (Indep) 0
21 Sahabzada Abdul Qayum Farooqi of (Indep) 0
22 Mian Laiq ur Rehman of (Indep) 0
23 Malik Muhammad Yunas Nasir. of (Indep) 0

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