Pakistan Day Army Parade 23 March 2016 Live Full Video

Pak Army 23 march parade live 2015 full videoPakistan Day Parade 23rd March 2016 will start at 8:00 PKT so every one ready for watch Pakistan Army Parade on Pakistan Day 2016.Pakistan Day Parade 23 March 2016 coverage will provide here at start time of 23 March parade time so stay connected and enjoy Pakistan day parade 23rd March.Throughout the period of struggle (1940-47), Jinnah issued Pakistan Day messages, and public rallies were held on March 23, not March 24. And it is only because of this critical

entwinement of March 23 with the proclamation of Muslim nationhood that the promulgation of the 1956 constitution, though adopted by the Constituent Assembly early in March, was fixed for March 23.A joint military parade of Pakistan’s armed forces will take place on Pakistan Day, sources said on Monday, after a gap of seven years. The parade will be organised by joint staff headquarters in Rawalpindi, which oversees the three armed forces of Pakistan.

23 March 2016 Parade TV Coverage on Pakistan Day

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