Punjab Boards 10th Class Biology Guess Paper 2016 Download

Guess-papersEvery Student Of 10th Class Who Is Going For Exams Should Know About Paper & Examination. He/ She Should Know About The Formalities Of Paper & To Know That What Pattern Of Paper Will Come & How To Handle That All.Students Of 10th Class Can Get help With Guess Papers & Model Papers For 10th Class & Can Know About The Paper. With Guess Papers Or Model Papers, It Will Be a Help Of Students. 10th Class Guess Papers Are Posted Below For Matric Students.

Important Shorts Questions 2016 

Breathing, Cellular Respiration,Lenticel, Lungs,Alvoli,Trachea, Voice Box,Asthma,Pneumonia,Bronchitis, Tar,Homeostasis, Osmoregultion,Gutation,Nephron, Kidney Stone, Kidney Transplant,Lithography, Dialysis&Types, Stimulus,Elector,Spinal&Cranial Nerve, Neuron,Nerve&Types, Reflex Action,Gonad,Pancreas, Epilepsy,Bone&Cartilage,Skeleton&Types, Antagonism,Osteoporosis,Arthritis, Reproduction, Binary&Multiple Fission,Spore,Corm, Rhizome,Bulb,Cutting, Grafting,Sexual Reproduction&Types, Alternation Of Generation,Pollination&Types,Germination Types&Factor, Inheritance,Dna,Gene, Allele,Homo&Heterogeneous, Dominant&Recessive, Test Cross&Types, Artificial Selection,Predication, Completion, Food Chan&Web,Eutrfication,3r, Fermentation&Types, Ferment Er, Uses Of Biotechnology, Pharmacy&Pharmacology,Drug&Types, Antibiotics&Typs.

Topics  long Questions.

Ch:1/Difference between Respiration and Breathing
(2)Stomata and lanticells,Glottis and Epiglottis,Bronchi and Bronchioles,Emphysema,Asthma
Ch#2:Osmoregulation,Excretion,Thermoregulation,Xerophytes,Function of Skin,Structure of Nephron,kidney Failure,Kidney Transplant.
Ch#3:Nerve cell or Neuron,Division of Brain,Structure of Eye,Pituitary gland,Feed back mechanism* some text missing * del’s law of Independent Assortment, Contneous and discontinuous varitions,Artificial Selection.Last Ch short questions.
Ch#7;population ,Community, Ecosystem,Producers,Consumers,Food Chain and Food Web,Carbon Cycle and Nitrogen Cycle,Symbosis Air Pollution and Water Pollution,Conservation of Nature.


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